Hoang Giap Law Firm

Hoang Giap Law Firm

  • Address: 28 - 30 Trần Triệu Luật - Phường 6 - Quận Tân Bình - Tp Hồ Chí Minh


Hoang Giap Law Firm includes experienced, dedicated lawyers – passionate about the law profession with the motto: “Your justice is our responsibility”
Hoang Giap Law Firm ( Business Registration Certificate No: 41.02.1256 )

1. Introduction about Hoang Giap Law Firm

Lawyer Nguyen Van Hoa, title: Director of the Law Firm sincerely thanks customers for their interest and trust in the Law Firm. In addition, our legal services. Hoang Giap LawFirm always takes the motto: “Your justice is our responsibility”. For the benefit of customers, the team of Lawyers of Hoang Giap LawFirm is dedicated to performing the service. We provide legal advice, participate in litigation. To participate in representation in and outside the proceedings at courts of all levels and other competent agencies in civil cases. Criminal, land, administrative. Commercial business, marriage, family, intellectual property … And other specialized laws.

2. Scope of work of Hoang Giap LawFirm

The company specializes in consulting on legal issues. Representatives participating in civil procedures and cases. Commercial, criminal, legal case resolution. Handling business records, land records. Family marriage. Land disputes. Administrative sectors, …
Hoang Giap Law Firm is the Representative to outside the proceedings, the Representative of litigation and legal services.

3. Operation motto of  Law Firm

With the motto of high specialization, increasingly diversifying fields of activity. The company has been performing well the following services:
– Regularly consulting law for organizations and individuals in labor law relations. Commercial, civil, marriage, family.
– Legal services in the field of proceedings: Assign lawyers to defend, protect legitimate rights and interests of clients in cases.
– Consulting on bidding, domestic and foreign investment.
– Project formulation, application for industrial land lease, investment incentives.

– Business consulting: New establishment. Division, merger, dissolution. Change the content of business registration;
– Bank loans; debt repayment. Corporate tax accounting and reporting services
– Authorized, representative to recover overdue debts and bad debts.
– Intellectual property rights service. Specifically, protect trademarks, logos. Industrial Designs…
– Notary Service.
– Drafting contracts, wills. Commercial letter, negotiation and contract signing. Dispute resolution representative.
Other legal services


Address: 28 - 30 Trần Triệu Luật - Phường 6 - Quận Tân Bình - Tp Hồ Chí Minh

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