Intraco Law Firm

Intraco Law Firm

  • Address: Phòng 413, Nhà B15, Khu đô thị Đại Kim - Định Công, Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội


Intraco Law law firm welcomes the trend of world economic integration. The company has participated in investment legal services. Helping domestic and foreign businesses to understand legal issues properly. In addition, offering optimal solutions for customers.

1. Introduction to the Law firm Intraco Law

With a population of over 92 million people, young population structure and high GDP growth rate. Vietnam is really a vibrant and promising market for trade and investment.
However, in the process of world economic integration, due to many economic factors. History and culture in which the Vietnamese legal system is always in motion. Many regulations have been revised, many new regulations have been issued. These contents interfere with the understanding, application and enforcement of laws in Vietnam. This is a big challenge for domestic and foreign businesses when investing and doing business in Vietnam.

Before the need of legal assistance of many organizations, individuals and businesses. IntracoLaw was founded by a team of lawyers with many years of experience. The fields of activity on legal advice, investment consulting, trade. Intellectual property, dispute resolution, land. Real estate, finance, banking.

2. Operation motto of Intraco Law Law Firm

Intraco Law’s mission is to support businesses to have the most up-to-date and correct legal understanding. Intraco Law’s customers will get professional advice to standardize the application of legal regulations to their business. Besides, the optimal legal solutions are what Intraco Law will bring when customers need.

Intraco Law Firm was established in 2007 with a team of lawyers with more than 15 years of experience. The company specializes in legal consulting on civil activities and enterprises. Real estate, investment, dispute resolution. Trade, intellectual property and product registration.
Work quality and customer satisfaction are always the top goals that Intraco Law aims at. Hope to have a good cooperation between IntracoLaw and customers

3. Scope of activities of the Intraco Law law firm

Legal advice, investment consulting. Trade, Intellectual Property. Settlement of disputes, land, real estate. Finance, banking. Register products. Customer support services, …
In addition, Intraco Law is a member of the Vietnam Bar Federation. Hanoi Bar Association. Vietnam Intellectual Property Association. Asia Pacific Lawyers Association
With service quality and customer satisfaction is the principle in work. Intracolaw’s reputation has been built up more and more and the number of IntracoLaw’s customers is increasing at home and abroad.


Address: Phòng 413, Nhà B15, Khu đô thị Đại Kim - Định Công, Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội

Phone: 84-24-62842684/5