NestLaw Limited Company

NestLaw Limited Company

  • Address: Số 8 Ngõ 148 Hoàng Ngân - Trung Hòa - Cầu Giấy - Hà Nội


NestLaw Co., Ltd. is proud to have provided consulting services to companies in Vietnam. Next, The company motto sees the interests of customers as their own, NestLaw always accompanies, listens and understands all customers’ concerns.

1. Introduction of NestLaw Limited Company

NestLaw builds sustainable trust in customers.
Help minimize legal risks, and at the same time harmonize desires and opposite benefits. Contribute to bring solid success to customers.

2. Scope of activities of NestLaw Limited Company

The strength of NestLaw Limited Company is legal advice on investment projects, Establishing Enterprises. Mergers and acquisitions Enterprises. Applying for child license, Marriage and family, Land, .. And NestLaw’s personnel are highly qualified and professional. The company can advise and provide customers with comprehensive solutions. Overview of customer issues.
In addition, NestLaw Limited Company provides Fire Protection License. Work Permit, Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate. Licensing for foreign investors, etc.

At the same time, resolving disputes in terms of contracts, resolving land disputes. Translation in many fields. Consultancy on establishment of company, change of business registration. Intellectual Property Consulting, Contract consultancy. Establishment of a company with 100% foreign capital, … issues related to enterprises, …

3. The company’s staff

Proud to be a professional unit in the field of translation and notarization, we have the outstanding advantages to help score in the hearts of customers:
– Professional, well-trained professional team.
– Fast translation speed.
– Reasonable price.
– There is a warranty policy for translated products.
– Translation and notarization of multiple languages.

4. Commitment to Company services

Over the years, NESTLAW Co., Ltd has always been making efforts to innovate and improve the quality of service to deserve to be the first choice of customers when there is a need for notarized translation in Hanoi. In addition, by our prestige and bravery, we are committed to providing the best, most professional service and ensuring absolute satisfaction for our customers. Come to NESTLAW Co., Ltd for enthusiastic support and perfect quality experience.


Address: Số 8 Ngõ 148 Hoàng Ngân - Trung Hòa - Cầu Giấy - Hà Nội

Phone: 024.710.57979