VCI Legal Law Firm

VCI Legal Law Firm

  • Address: P7.42-OT06, Park 7, Vinhomes Central Park, Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


VCI Legal Law Firm is an international law firm providing all necessary legal services. VCI Legal owns a team of lawyers and experts with many years of professional experience. In addition, there is a deep understanding of the legal system as well as the business environment in Vietnam.

1. General introduction about VCI Legal Law Company

The company has long experience in the field of economics and trade. In addition, the company has built VCI Legal’s lawyers with the skills and insights on the problems clients are facing. At the same time, providing highly effective legal services to the business community in Vietnam.
VCI Legal has the ability to support its clients inside and outside Vietnam. With a team of international lawyers certified in many countries with a large number of investors in Vietnam.
VCI Legal provides “Internal Lawyer Service”. Specialized legal services for domestic and foreign businesses and individuals,
We are committed to providing comprehensive legal services in many areas to new investors. As well as investors who have been operating for many years in the Vietnamese market.

2. Scope of activities of VCI Legal Law Firm

Legal 500 & Asia Laws (international legal magazine). And the KPMG Tax Director Handbook ranks VCI Legal as one of the leading business law firms in Vietnam. In addition, worthy of recommendation and nomination in the rankings:
– Businesses, Securities
– M&A, Finance – Banking
– Taxes and issues related to taxes
– Intellectual Property
– Internal consulting and other legal services for businesses

3. Operation motto

Company pioneering and providing the best Authorized Legal Services.
VCI Legal is proud to have the opportunity to collaborate and support clients in many different industries and businesses. Our customers range from large group companies in the list of the top 500 companies and corporations in the world. Compiled and published annually by Fortune magazine for small and medium businesses. Besides, there are multinational corporations operating from manufacturing to financial services. Transport to health care, telecommunications to consumer products. The names and logos here are a testament to the stakeholders.

4. Awards from the VCI Legal Law Firm

  •  ACQ Global Magazine: ACQ Global Magazine recognizes: Typical law firm
    + On finance and banking of Vietnam.
    + About Vietnam’s capital market.
    + About Vietnamese businesses.
    + Typical law firm of the year.
  • Global Law Experts:
    Mr. Kent Wong was honored as the Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in Vietnam. Mr. Phung Anh Tuan was honored as the Corporate Finance Lawyer of the Year in Vietnam
  • Corporate INTL Global Award Magazine.


Address: P7.42-OT06, Park 7, Vinhomes Central Park, Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Phone: (84) (28) 38 272 029