Hieu Phan

Hieu Phan

  • Company: Asia Legal
  • Address: 7th Floor, Rural Today Newspaper Building, Lot E2, Duong Dinh Nghe Str., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Lĩnh vực: Civil law, Business law
  • Fees: Free


Lawyer Hieu is a senior consultant of Asia Legal. At the same time, lawyer Hieu is also a vice president of the Central Institute for Economic Management.

Practice Areas

  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Inward Investment
  • Outward Investment


  • Member of Drafting Committee of Competition Law (pending), Support for Small and Medium Enterprises (pending).
  • Analyse and evaluate the impact of Vietnam-EU Investment Agreements, Member of Analysed Team, 2017
  • Permanent member of Drafting Committee of Circular No. 04/2016/TT – BKHDT on social enterprise registration
  • Permanent member of Drafting Committee of Decree No. 96/2015/NĐ – CP
  • Permanent member of Drafting Committee of Law on Enterprise 2014
  • Leader of Investment Team of the Administrative Procedure Reform Advisory Council (in cooperation with associations and businesses (VCCI, AMCHAM, Banking Association, etc.) reviews some administrative procedures in the field of business and investment development (2010-2012).
  • Drafting and amending Decree No. 139/2007/NĐ-CP on guideline Law on Enterprise
  • Drafting Decree on amending Decree No. 88/2006/NĐ – CP on Business Registration
  • Review of inconsistency between investment law, construction law, land law and environment protection law. Sponsored by GTZ (2009)
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment on The Promulgation of Legal Documents of The National Assembly (2008), Law on Cadres and Civil Servants (2009), Law on Commercial Arbitration (2009), Mineral Law (2010)
  • From business idea to reality: comprehensive reform is needed (final report). Vol. 2, Sponsored by GTZ (2008): Co-author
  • Review of business licenses in Vietnam, Sponsored by GTZ and DANIDA (2007): Author
  • Business Forms: How to choose the right one, Sponsored by GTZ (2007): Co-author
  • Understanding the Corporate law, sponsored by GTZ (2007): Co-author.
  • Understanding the investment law, sponsored by GTZ (2007): Co-author
  • Six-year assessment of the Corporate law (2005), Sponsored by GTZ, 2007: Co-author
  • Compliance cost of Entrepreneurship: Analysis with Mistral method and recommendations. (2006) Sponsored by VPSSP: Author
  • Corporation: International Experience and Recommendations for Vietnam, The Economic Management Review, Vol 3, July 2005, page. 58.
  • Collections and Analysis on Common Disputes in Law on Enterprises (2002&2005). Sponsored by UNDP: Co-author
  • 205 Questions and Answers on Law on Enterprises (2002 & 2005). UNDP: Co-author


  • Participate in drafting Government regulations, such as corporate law and some other laws as below:
Drafting law on enterprise and related guideline regulations (1999 & 2005);
Member of other various legal drafting committees;
Providing advices on drafting other laws and regulations.
  • Advise and support the implementation of regulatory impact assessment (RIA).
  • Research policies, especially policies and laws related to improving business environment in Vietnam
  • Advise local authorities and ministries on initiating economic and business development.
  • Consult businesses, business associations on corporate governance, corporate restructuring and issues related to law on enterprise and law on investment.
  • Policy analysis and assessment (on economy and business)
  • Consult on corporate governance, corporate restructuring,
  • Experience in conducting RIA and Standard Cost Model (SCM)


Address: 7th Floor, Rural Today Newspaper Building, Lot E2, Duong Dinh Nghe Str., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: +84 2269 3399