Lawyer Nguyen Hung Quang

Lawyer Nguyen Hung Quang

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Quang is the Founder and Managing Partner of NHQuang&Associates.

He possesses a deep experience in policy consultancy on institutional changes and public system reform such as research on Vietnamese court system, lawyer roles, administrative procedure reform, development projects. In addition, he conducts policy and law assessment and implementation, research framework development, TOR construction and comment. And he also provides privatization consultancy such as drafting and commenting legislations on entrepreneurs and acts as facilitator between law makers, implementation agencies, and beneficiaries. In addition, Quang is an expert in M&A, investment, energy-environment, contract, corporate governance, Telecommunication & Communication, branding, insurance, public-private partnership.

Quang is also a member of Advisory Board, Transparency International in Vietnam (Towards Transparency, since March 2009), a Vietnamese non-profit and non-governmental organization and member of Governing Board of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship Development (Spark Center), initiated by the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV).

Quang was the visiting scholar at Law School of Monash University, Australia in 2008, at Law School of Melbourne University in 2000 and at Deakin University of Law School in 2000, participated in Stanford Summer Fellow on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law Program, Stanford University, United States of America in 2006. In 2017, he joined Wrongful Conviction Program by New York University School of Law.

In a recent training course first held by CEDR in Viet Nam in 2018, an international mediation center located in London, Quang is one among the few lawyers successfully completing the program with the Certificate of International Accredited Mediator.


Direct & Indirect Investment
Corporate Matter, Merger & Acquisition, Insolvency
Construction & Real Estate Business
Infrastructure & Public Private Partnership
Mineral & Energy
Human Resource Management & Employment
Internet and New Media Education & Training
Dispute resolution
Policy Research & Advocacy
Compliance Monitoring


MBA, United Business Institute, Belgium (2006-2007)
LLB, Hanoi Law University (1991-1996)


Chairman of Vietnam International Commercial Mediation Centre
Standing Committee of Vietnam Society of International Law
The Law Association for Asia and the Pacific
Ha Noi Bar Association


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