Lawyer Dang Hoang Dung

Lawyer Dang Hoang Dung

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Lawyer Dang Hoang Dung is the founder and CEO of IntracoLaw. Attorney Dung is responsible for running all activities of the Company. Prior to working in this position, lawyer Dung held many key positions in law work at major law firms and telecommunications companies such as Deputy Director of Invesconsult Industrial Property Center, Team Leader S-Telecom’s North Legal and Chief Legal Officer Nettra Corp.


Over the past 15 years in various legal positions, lawyer Dung has rich experience and deep understanding in many fields of law in Vietnam such as dispute resolution and litigation, real estate, construction and finance, intellectual property (right establishment and enforcement), investment consultancy (investment activities, establishment of economic organizations, investment incentives), corporate law, securities telecommunications, foreign trade. Legal advice and legal documents and documents undertaken by Mr. Dung are highly appreciated by many domestic and foreign enterprises.


– Law practice certificate (2007)

– Industrial property representative (2010)

– Graduated from training course on professional intellectual property (2007)

– Graduated from Hanoi Law University, majoring in Economic Law (1995-1999)

– Graduated from Hanoi University of Foreign Languages, majoring in English (1996-1998)

-Certificate of training in copyright (2002)

– Securities Practitioner Certificate (2000)

-Certificate of customs clearance service (1999)


– Hanoi Bar Association

-Vietnam Intellectual Property Association

– Asia-Pacific Lawyers Association


– In charge of the contents of the guide book for investors in Vietnam (2001) according to the order of the Embassy of Italy in Hanoi (refer to Mr. Carlo Bartoli, Deputy Ambassador and Commercial Counselor in Ha Cabinet)


Phone: +84 9 130 59573