Nguyen Van Quynh

Nguyen Van Quynh


Immediately after graduating from Ho Chi Minh City University of Law in 2006, Lawyer Nguyen Van Quynh has been working in the legal consultancy field in professional environments.

The companies used to work

Starting his position as an investment advisor at FMC Consulting and Financial Management Company, Lawyer Nguyen Van Quynh then spent more than 02 years working at J&P Law Firm, one of the two law firms of Korea was operating in Vietnam market at that time. At J&P, Mr. Quynh assisted Vietnamese and foreign lawyers in providing legal advice to Korean investors investing and doing business in Vietnam, focusing on securities and real estate. movables.

Intending to understand the work and responsibilities of internal lawyers as well as to challenge the challenges of multinational corporations, Mr. Quynh spent 1 year working for a leading life insurance company. in Viet Nam. Together with his colleagues, Lawyer Quynh has consulted and resolved internal company issues.

In September 2010, Quy Quynh joined Phuoc & Partners. By demonstrating extensive and solid expertise in many areas and effective assistance to clients in resolving their complex legal issues, in June 2018, Lawyer Quynh Being promoted to become the youngest Partner Lawyer after less than 8 years working for Phuoc & Partners. Attorney Quynhnh has contributed to the success of capital transfers, real estate project transfers, restructuring and tax planning.

The main field

With extensive legal knowledge and practical experience gained from his practice, Mr. Quynh participates in legal advice for clients of domestic companies and multinational corporations.

From September 2019, Mr. Quynh continues to promote his career at Global Vietnam Lawyers and specializes in the fields of taxation, companies, real estate, construction, mergers & acquisitions.

In addition, Mr. Quynh is also a speaker at labor law conferences organized by Vietnam Human Resources Club and the author of a number of articles on legal issues published by Saigon Times Magazine.


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