Tran Xuan Tien

Tran Xuan Tien

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Born on August 25, 1964

Hometown: Ha Lai, Ha Trung, Thanh Hoa.

A member of Hanoi Bar Association.

1929 / LS card number issued by Bar Association.

Phone: 0936.026.559


Working process:

1981-1990: Army officer, 1990 – 1993 procurator VKSQS I Corps (major at 29 years old);

1993 – 2007: Head of civil judgment enforcement agency Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh;

2008-2009: Expert of State Legal Aid Center of Ninh Binh Province;

2009-2010: Specialist of State Notary Office No. II in Ninh Binh province.

In February 2010, he resigned his job to join the Hanoi Bar Association under the Law on Lawyers.

Qualifications: Military College, Bachelor of Supervisory College, Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Politics.

Extensive experience and relationships in the fields of Procurement, Civil Judgment Enforcement, Legal Assistance, being able to negotiate, mediate land disputes, out-of-contract compensation, and overdue debt collection for businesses and individuals.

Receive settlement of civil, criminal, administrative, economic, marriage and family cases, judgment execution …

Working motto:

– Customers are relatives

– Legal services to customers like water to fire.

Passionate career, the desire to live life effectively will bring customers timely and effective services.


Phone: 0936 026 559