Trademark registration in Singapore

Due to the development needs, many businesses and individuals want to expand their business scope to the world. Singapore is a vibrant and potential market that any investor wants to try. To do that, creating a brand for yourself is very necessary, so businesses must have their own brand. So let’s learn about the trademark registration in Singapore.

Registration form

Most of the countries in the world are already parties to the Madrid agreement or the Madrid protocol. But Singapore is not a party to the Madrid agreement, so applicants need to register at the National Registry of Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) or through the Madrid Protocol. Singapore is also a party to the Paris Convention, so applicants can claim priority under this convention. Normally, the time for trademark registration in Singapore is about 9 months. In fact, this period can last from 18 to 24 months depending on the workload or the nature of the application.

Registration Procedure

Step 1: File a trademark application at IPOS

The forms that customers can choose to submit an application are to apply directly at IPOS (Intellectual Property Office of Singapore) or to apply directly at the IPOS website. The documents and forms required by the applicant to apply for registration are available on the website

The applicant must use the TM4 form at the IPOS website. The registration form includes the following contents:

  • Name and address of the applicant
  • Description of the mark according to the Nice International Classification of Goods and Services
  • List of goods and services related to the mark to be registered
  • Statement of trademark use or intent to use the mark

When the application is valid, the agency will check the possibility of registration. This checks to see if the application is complete and correct, if it needs to be supplemented, the applicant will receive an additional notice from the IPOS.

Step 2: Check the registrability of the trademark

This is the same step as the substantive examination of a trademark application in Vietnam. This step is intended to check whether the object stated in the application is likely to be protected. If the mark is patentable, it will be published in the Trade Marks Journal.

If the application is not able to register, the IPOS will issue a notice of refusal and clearly state the reason. The applicant will be required to amend and supplement the trademark application within 4 months from the date of receipt of the notice. If after the above time, the applicant does not respond, the application will be rejected. In this case, the applicant must use form TM27 (this form does not change name, address and service).

Step 3: Publish application

When the IPOS examines the registrability and determines that the mark is registrable, the application will be published. Within 2 months, the trademark application will be published in the Trade Marks Journal. If there is no objection from any 3rd party, IPOS will issue a certificate of trademark registration. If the application is objected to, the IPOS will carry out the verification procedures, check and issue the final result.

The duration of trademark in Singapore is 10 years from the date of filing.

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